Worx Muletto - The Best Wheelbarrow, Garden Cart, and All Around Household Weight Lifter on Wheels

If you do the work around your house yourself, or if you have moved recently then chances are you have had a lot of problem lifting and transferring heavy furniture, boxes, or even plant pots around. If you want to eliminate this problem, the Worx Muletto™ is the household tool for you. As a wheelbarrow, the Worx Muletto is the best one you can get. It has 4 cubic feet of space, and can carry up to 300lbs of weight. If you do a lot of plant work around your house, the Worx Muletto is also a great garden cart. It features a moving strap and patented extended arms, which eliminates the need to have 2 people to move a single plant, and the pot is strapped securely onto the Muletto, reducing the chances of dropping and breaking the pot. The Worx Muletto is also ideal for carrying large cylindrical items like water jugs, propane tanks and many more thanks to its cylinder holder function that securely locks these objects onto the Muletto for a hassle free transport. These functions and many more, along with the heavy duty wheels, powder coated paint, comfortable yet grippy handles and sturdy steel frame makes the Worx Muletto a versatile lifting tool perfect for a wide range of applications.

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