Worx SD Semi-Automatic Driver - Reviews Say This is The Best Automatic Screwdriver That's Easy to Use as a Power Drill

Fixing the various kinds of screws around your house can get kind of a pain because of the need to carry around different types of screw drivers in order to do the job. If you have ever wished to use just one screwdriver that will work for a myriad of screw types and is easy to bring around then the Worx SD Semi-Automatic Driver™ is the answer to your wish. It is a compact tool that many reviews say is the best screwdriver you can buy today. This is because the Worx SD Semi-Automatic Driver is the most versatile and easy to use driver on the market. It has 2 bit cartridges that are easy to swap out, allowing you to work with a number of different screw types by just using one tool. And just like a drill, its semi-automatic action allows the screw bit to rotate just like a drill at the press of a trigger, making it very easy to tighten or loosen bolts. And since it is so compact, it can be used virtually anywhere in the house to fix screws even in the tightest areas. The Worx SD Semi-Automatic Driver is definitely a worthy addition to any DIY home repair enthusiast's toolbox.

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