Wow Cup - The No Spill Cup that is Perfect for Kids Because It Will Not Cause Any Mess

Does your child love to drink juice, soda and other beverages around the house and usually ends up spilling the drink, creating a lot of mess? Give your child a Wow Cup™ and say goodbye to the mess. Wow Cup is a specially designed no spill cup for kids that will allow your child to easily drink his or her favorite beverages while at the same time preventing spillage. Wow Cup features a flexible drinking edge that seals itself every after sip. To use, all your child needs to do is to give the edge of the cup a gentle sucking, which will disengage the 360 EVEN-SEAL, allowing your child to drink the beverage. Once done, the 360 EVEN-SEAL will automatically seal itself, eliminating the changes of the drink spilling from the cup. Aside from the convenient automatic sealing action, the Wow Cup is made of high quality, durable plastic that is phthalate free, making it very safe for drinking. It also is dishwasher and refrigerator safe, allowing your child to enjoy cold beverages with the Cup. Much better than a sippy cup, not only is the Wow Cup perfect for home use and should drastically reduce spillage and mess, but is also suitable for your child to use at school, while traveling, and many more.

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