Xpress Redi-Set-Go - Cathy Mitchell, America's Foremost Cooking Product Expert, Gives Both Thumbs Up as She Reviews This Product

The Xpress Redi-Set-Go™ saves precious time to cook food that is delicious and healthy. With the Xpress Redi Set Go we can cook using recipes for deluxe dishes. Even favorite fast foods however can be prepared more quickly and healthily for breakfast, lunches, and dinners. The Xpress Redi Set Go can even be used for desserts. Cathy Mitchell, America's foremost cooking product expert gave the Xpress Redi Set Go great reviews, and even concocted a variety of recipes showing how they could be used successfully with this product. For example, in just 7-8 minutes, using her own pizza dough and selection of toppings, she made a delicious crispy, crunchy pizza dish. Even delicious four course meals like pork tenderloin with a sweet potato could be cooked in eight minutes, along with grilled paninis in just five minutes, or an easy beef burrito with Spanish rice also in just five minutes. It also has a controlled cooking steamer with advanced non-stick surface. The food efficiently cooks from the bottom and the top with the lid closed. This closed environment is suitable and sufficient, rather than the excessive large space in conventional ovens. The Xpress Redi Set Go is designed to give 25% more cooking than before. Even better, up to 70 percent in oven energy is saved with the Xpress Redi Set Go. Try Xpress Redi-Set-Go™ for Yourself with FREE Bonuses.

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