Xscape 360 - Reviews say this Product Lets You Use Your Smartphone to Enjoy Amazing VR Content

VR gaming and media consumption is without a doubt extremely popular nowadays and can indeed give a truly breath taking experience when playing video games or viewing photos or videos. The problem with full-on VR equipment however is that they can be quite expensive and also can be complicated to set up so if you are looking for a more practical alternative then the Xscape 360™ is the product to get. What this product does is it utilizes your smartphone as the VR screen and processor. As seen on www.xscape360.com, all you need to do is to slide in your smartphone into the eXscape 360 device holder, boot up the VR application that you want to experience and then enjoy. The product features adjustable focus and dual HD lens which allows you to customize your VR viewing experience. The product also features easy adjust straps as well as a cushioned eye rest which will help to ensure that you have as comfortable of a VR experience as possible. Reviews also love that the device does not require any cables or batteries and simply acts as a holder and viewer for your smart phone so you will be able to enjoy VR content without too much hassle at all.

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