Xtra Socket - This Unique Electrical Port has all the Sockets You Need To Power Multiple Electric Devices All at Once

Electronics and mobile devices have definitely done a lot of good to make our daily life a whole lot easier, but when it comes to powering or charging these devices simultaneously it can become a real hassle, due to the fact that there might not be enough sockets and charging ports to power all of these devices. That will not be a problem with the Xtra Socket™ however. It is a specialized add-on to your existing wall sockets that will allow you to power multiple devices all at once. Conventional wall sockets usually have 2 sockets for appliances. Unfortunately, 2 sockets may not always be enough, and there is the problem of socket connectivity with the plugs of your appliances. The Xtra Socket transforms your conventional wall socket into one that has 3 universal sockets, allowing easy use of different kinds of plugs from a wide range of appliances like the TV, the laptop charger, plugs for your fans, power tools and many more. Also, the eXtra Socket features 2 USB ports, which makes it very easy for you to charge your mobile devices while at the same time using the conventional sockets for your appliances. Reviews not only love the convenience that the Xtra Socket gives, but also its ability to protect appliances and devices that may connected to it, thanks to the surge protector built into the Xtra Socket.

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