Y Fliker - This New Type of Bike/Scooter Allows Your Child to Have Fun on Wheels in Much Safer Way

Children love to play with bikes and boards but the problem is that most of them are quite unsafe and can open your child to a lot of risk for injury. If you are looking for a product that will allow your child to have a lot of fun on wheels but in a much safer manner then the Y Fliker™ is the product to get. Unlike conventional bikes, the Y Fliker features 3 wheels which provides your child a lot more balance. The Y Fliker features Precision caster wheels that provide maximum reliability and at the same time a smooth ride and precision hugging of curves. The YFliker also features quick response handbrakes that allow for smooth yet at the same time reliable braking which should improve your child's safety while on the Y Fliker. What a lot of children love about the Y Fliker is that it is lightweight yet at the same time durable allowing them to easily pull off a wide array of tricks. As seen on yfliker.com, the Y Fliker also folds for easy storage and in combination with its light weight, the Y Fliker can be easily brought on the go. The Y Fliker is definitely a fun, wheeled product that your child will really love to play with.

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