Yonanas - This Frozen Banana Dessert Maker Machine Creates Delicious Recipes Healthier and Cheaper than Ice Cream!

The Yonanas™ machine gives you the delicious taste of ice cream in a frozen dessert that is healthy for you and your family! Yonanas creates a tasty treat using just frozen, peeled bananas. Not only are natural bananas healthier than ice cream, but bananas are a superfood that contain important vitamins and minerals, not to mention no sodium, fat or cholesterol. A diet rich in bananas is one that is good for your digestion, heart, and overall health. Replacing sugary treats with Yonanas may be the best decision you ever made for your family's well-being. Do you think you will get bored eating the same dessert from the Yonana machine? Don't fear. You can add fruits such as strawberry, coconut, raspberry and peach or even chocolate and peanut butter. Your Yonana maker comes with a free recipe book that offers dozen of appetizing recipes. This product will also save you money because you can make five bowls of the Yonanas frozen dessert for as much as it costs for a single bowl of ice cream. And you will no longer have to toss all those slightly overripe bananas away. Made with stainless steel blades, the Yonanas maker is easy to use; you can be serving it in just minutes and clean up takes just minutes as well. Delicious, healthy, cost effective, quick desserts -- that's Yonanas!

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