Zike Scooter - Review this Fun Combo Bike and Scooter for Yourself

If you want a ride for your child that is unique and fun to use, without being dangerous to ride or boring to use, then the Zike Scooter™ is for you. It ingeniously combines the best of what bikes and scooters have to offer all in one sturdy, compact yet very fun to use scooter. With the Zike's turbo propulsion system, all the user needs to do is to step left and right, and watch as the Zike smoothly builds up speed. This natural action does not mess up your balance when compared to using one foot to push a scooter. The Zike Scooter's handling is also sharp and precise, allowing you to do turns with ease. Also, the Zike Scooter's low center of gravity makes it very easy to balance, and will lessen the chances of the user from tripping or sliding. This revolutionary scooter also comes with durable and grippy tires that will stand up to abuse. As seen on www.getzike.com, it can be used on a wide variety of surfaces like grass or on stony terrain for extreme fun. The Zike Scooter is also foldable, making it very compact and easy to bring on your out of town trips. So if you are looking to get a two wheeled ride for your child, there is a perfect Zike Scooter built to cater to a wide range of kid's ages.

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