Zippie Sips - Reduce the Likelihood of Your Children Spilling their Cups and Drinks Using this Product

If you have a child or a number of them at home then you probably have encountered numerous situations wherein your child or children has spilled their water bottles or drinking cups, causing a lot of mess in your house. If you want to prevent this from happening again then Zippie Sips™ are what you want to purchase. With ZippieSips, you can easily make any sized cup that your child uses into a spill-proof one. To use, simply fit the Zippie Sips onto the mouth of the cup that your child is using. Its durable yet ultra-stretchable material allows the Zippie Sips to easily conform to the mouth of the cup to be used, creating a tight seal, making it spill proof. With the Zippie Sips in place, no spills will happen even if your child manages to knock over the drinking cup, shake them or even drop them onto the floor. Zippie Sips come in a built in sip design or ones where you can insert a straw, making the Zippie Sips useable by children of all ages. Zippie Sips are also very small and compact so you can easily bring them wherever you and your children may go to.

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