Zoomies - The Powerful Hands-Free Binoculars You Wear Like Sun Glasses

Binoculars are great when you need to zoom in on something to see it close up. But regular binoculars are often big and bulky and even the compact models can be tiring to hold and carry around for very long. That is why Zoomies™ is so revolutionary. It combines the magnifying power of expensive high-end binoculars with the convenient form factor of glasses. Zoomies are worn over the ears and nose, just like sunglasses or goggles, making them completely hands-free. This allows you to watch your favorite activities up close for an indefinite amount of time. The Zoomies glasses provide up to 300% magnification and use the same optical technology as high quality binoculars. A dial allows you to adjust the focus to the perfect level. And when you turn your head the Zoomies will automatically turn with you to ensure you do not miss a moment. When you are finished, the Zoomies fold right up for compact storage and the product comes with storage pouch. This is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to go bird or nature watching, enjoy professional or kids sporting events, attend a play, or even turn your TV set into a big screen. Zoomies is excellent for outdoor use because an integrated sunshade reduces glare without the need to wear sunglasses.

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