Zorbeez - The No-Scam Cloths That Make Cleaning and Dusting Easier and More Thorough

In every home, the Zorbeez™ cloths are an important part of one's cleaning and dusting regimen, especially if you have kids in the house. This is the most absorbent material you will have ever used. This is no scam-the Zorbeez has the strength and the muscle to pick up and hold over 20 ounces of liquid. There is nothing that is exactly like this. On review, Zorbeez attracts liquid like a magnet whether it is coffee, soda, or wine. Spills on the carpet are easily absorbed, and quickly too, with Zorbeez. As seen on TV with Billy Mays, the secret lies in the X25 technology of Zorbeez, which makes it over 25 times more absorbent than regular towels. Truly, Zorbeez leaves behind a clean path that is odor free too. No smell or residue is left behind, whether it has been used to clean a big spill or small. Even better, Zorbeez is economical. The average family uses two rolls of paper towels a week, spending hundreds of dollars a year. But with Zorbeez the towels are machine washable. They can be used to clean your car, house, dog, or windows, and you accumulate less trash, too. Zorbeez with X25 fiber loves your home, and loves your environment.

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